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Thenice, Fullface Mask M2098g Black with free snorkeling set, Black, Thenice M2098g Black with free snorkelingset Black
PHP 4,400.00
B&D Tech Innovation Inc isSole Distributor of Brand Thenice Easybreath and products in Philippines others are fake

100% Original Brand New

Thenice M2098G Full-Face Snorkeling Ninja Mask with Camera Holder Size L/XL

New Model!

Materials:Liquid Silicone+PC+PVC

With Camera holder which you can install your Gopro/Camera so that it can record your fantastic moment when snokeling/diving
Full face snorkel free breath snorkel mask
Field of vision:180° field of vision and shatterproof polycarbonate window for added safety.
Easy breathing: Full mask for natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.
Anti-fogging: Exclusive breath ventilation concept prevents fogging.
Impermeability / seal :Dry Top snorkel system stops water entering through the top of the snorkel.
Water drainage: Purge valve at the bottom of the mask to drain water when the head is raised.
Easy dressing: Adjustable elasticated textile strap does not pull your hair out.
Visibility:Snorkel top can be seen from 4 times further away than a traditional Snorkel.
It works best in waters over 18°C and is based on the fact that the fresh air breathed in is projected onto the front window before reaching the nose or mouth. This is the same principle as the ventilation of your car windscreen. The moisture laden air that you breathe out takes a different route: When you breathe out, the air is expelled through the silicone connections at the side that drive the air into the white mask surround which then dispels the air into the snorkel.

Dry top system to stop water from entering

It was developed to stop water from getting into the snorkel when there is choppy water, small waves on the surface or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. Under the same conditions with a traditional snorkel, the user could swallow the water that gets into the snorkel; this is what we wanted to avoid.

A snorkelling set that is comfortable for your face and lets you breathe easily. Includes a net bag to dry off your equipment.

standard sizes to fit all faces, comfortable silicone mouthpiece.

Flexible part of mask in contact with face.

Silicone is an extremely flexible material. A flexible silicone skirt fits around the contours of the face, creating a watertight seal. The silicone mouthpiece provides increased mouth comfort.

Tempered glass
Tempered glass is two to five times more durable than traditional glass. When broken, it shatters into small pieces, preventing major accidents (contrary to the "float glass" used for windows, for example, which breaks into large, extremely sharp pieces).

Part of the snorkel that is placed in the mouth. Its specially designed shape makes it one of the most comfortable snorkels for your mouth.

The valve is located at the base of the snorkel. It makes it easier to expel water: you need to blow less hard to empty the snorkel, since most of the water is emptied from the bottom (contrary to snorkels without valves, where it comes out the top).

PVC free
This product contains no PVC..

Size: SM/Lage/Extra Large
New Model Thenice Ninja Snorkeling Mask
Materials: Liquid Silicone, PC and PVC
Full face free breath snorkel mask
Field of vision: 180°
Easy breathing/Easy dressing
Field of vision: Horizontal field of vision approx. 125°, vertical approx. 100°.
Vertical field of vision: Vertical field of vision of around 90°.
Field of vision:  Tempered glass single window for better scratch resistance.
Anatomic design: standard sizes to fit all faces, comfortable silicone mouthpiece.
Impermeability / seal: Mask with a hypoallergenic silicone skirt for comfort and a watertight seal.
Easy breathing: Purge valve for easy clearing of water.
Easy transport: Quick-drying net bag for easy transport.
Lazada snorkeling set Best seller 

B&D Tech is Thenice brand Sole Distributor in Philippines
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Thenice, M2098G Full-Face Snorkeling Ninja Mask with Camera Holder SM, Black, Thenice M2098g Black SM image here
PHP 2,200.00
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Thenice, M2098G Full-Face Snorkeling Ninja Mask with Camera Holder LXL, Red, Thenice M2098g Red Black LXL image here
PHP 2,200.00

Thenice, M2098G Full-Face Snorkeling Ninja Mask with Camera Holder LXL, Yellow, Thenice M2098g Yellow LXL image here
PHP 2,200.00
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Thenice, Fullface Mask M2098g ,Yellow, with free snorkeling set ,Blue,Thenice M2098g Yellow with free snorkelingset Blue image here
PHP 4,400.00

Thenice, Fullface Mask M2098g ,Yellow, with free snorkeling set, White, Thenice M2098g Yellow with free snorklingset White image here
PHP 4,400.00

Thenice, Diving Snorkeling Set Mask and Breathing Tube (Knight Black Suit) with FREE Net bag and Plastic box, Black, Thenice Snorkeling set(Black) image here
PHP 2,288.00

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