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cooler & mist fan
Imarflex Ph, 400ml Immersion Blender, Stainless/Black, ISB-740C image here
PHP 2,500.00
10 items left

Imarflex Ph, 10 Cups Coffe Maker, Stainless/Black, ICM-910S image here
PHP 1,700.00
10 items left

Imarflex Ph, 6 Quarts Digital Slow Cooker, ISC-600DS image here
PHP 3,000.00
10 items left

Imarflex Ph, 8-10 Capacity Dish Dryer, White, DD-850 image here
PHP 3,900.00
9 items left

Imarflex Ph, 16" Digital Stand Fan, Blue, IF-916D image here
PHP 4,900.00
8 items left

Imarflex Ph, 9 Liters Multi-purpose Steamer, Black, IST-3000S image here
PHP 2,700.00
10 items left

Imarflex Ph, Ionic Hair Care System, Champagne, HD-2210C image here
PHP 1,000.00
10 items left

Imarflex Ph, 50sqm Capacity Air Purifier, White, IAP-300 image here
PHP 6,700.00

Imarflex Ph, 1500cc Multi-blender, Stainless/Black, ICB-640G image here
PHP 2,300.00

Imarflex Ph, 3.6 Liters Electric Airpot,Stainless/Black, IP-360DMS image here
PHP 3,800.00

Imarflex Ph, 1.5 Liters Electric Kettle, Stainless, IK-515S image here
PHP 1,500.00

Imarflex Ph, Flat Iron, Blue, IR-240B image here
PHP 550.00

Imarflex Ph, 350ml Capacity Steam Iron, Blue, IRS-500E image here
PHP 1,400.00

Imarflex Ph, 1250ml Blender w/ Food Processor, White, IB-350FG image here
PHP 3,200.00

Imarflex Ph, Twin Burner Gas Stove, Stainless,  IG-690S, Gas Stove image here
PHP 2,400.00

Imarflex Ph, 14" 8 in 1 Health Grill, Gray, TY-3400, Griller image here
PHP 2,700.00

Imarflex Ph, Health Grill, Black, ICG-350T image here
PHP 2,300.00

Imarflex Ph, 530cm2 Digital Panini Grill, Stainless/Black, IPG-520D image here
PHP 3,500.00

Imarflex Ph, 12" Digital 2 in 1 Cooler & Mist Fan, White, IFM-588D, image here
PHP 7,600.00
7 items left

Imarflex Ph, Hair Straightener, Black, IHS-320ST image here
PHP 1,000.00

Imarflex Ph, Twin Burner Induction Cooker, Black, IDX-3200HG image here
PHP 7,000.00

Imarflex Ph, Induction Cooker, Black, IDX-1700T image here
PHP 3,030.00

Imarflex Ph, 1000cc Juice Extractor, Stainless, IJE-7000S image here
PHP 4,200.00

Imarflex Ph, 20 Liter Microwave Oven, Black, MO-H20R image here
PHP 3,800.00

Imarflex Ph, 20 Liters Multi-purpose Steamer & Sterilizer, Black, IST-2000S image here
PHP 4,300.00
9 items left

Imarflex Ph, 23 Liter Microwave Oven, Black. MO-G23D image here
PHP 5,500.00

Imarflex Ph, Hand Mixer, Black, IMX-270B image here
PHP 1,600.00

Imarflex Ph, 3 Liters Stand MIxer, White, IMX-300S image here
PHP 3,000.00
10 items left

Imarflex Ph, 6 Cups Multi-cooker, Stainless, IMC-3100S image here
PHP 3,500.00

Imarflex Ph, 12 Cups Multi-cooker, Stainless, IMC-6100S image here
PHP 5,000.00

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